How codeless test automation tools differ from Selenium?

How codeless test automation tools differ from Selenium?

The emerging trend in advanced software development has transformed the testing approach. The conventional testing methods are no longer suitable to test the increasing complexities in the development process. To suit the new-age development system, a modern solution is required that not just provides accurate and consistent results, but also reduce time and human effort. To perform the testing easily and effortlessly, Selenium test automation was introduced in 2004, until then software testing was performed manually.

Selenium revolutionized the testing process and expanded the scope for software testers. The automation platform underwent a series of changes and today we have a huge number of test automation platforms made available. The Selenium tool was script-based which demanded the testers to have good coding skills; however, with the emerging trends, today we the market brimming with a wide choice for codeless test automation tools which requires minimal or no coding skills.

Here’s a brief discussion on what is Selenium tool and codeless test automation tools, how do they differ from each other.

Selenium is a household name in the software testing industry. It is the first of its kind and managed to hold a place in the top 10 lists of software testing tools even in 2021. It’s an open-source platform and popular among the global testing fraternity. It offers test automation solutions across various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


· Supports multiple programming languages

· Compatible with multiple browsers

· The upgraded version requires simple commands with no installation

· Works on multiple operating systems

· Works parallelly with the development cycle to reduce time and increase efficiency

· Used for unit testing, automated browser testing, and regression testing

It is a second-gen test automation suite performing testing on web browsers, while the latest version has the capability to conduct cross-browser testing too. Selenium IDE version allows the tester to perform testing even with coding knowledge. Selenium is one of the older names in the testing industry, hence, it is considered to be one of the reliable tools even today.

As the name suggests, codeless test automation doesn’t require the tester to possess coding skills. However, the initial setup will need basic coding knowledge, and later the complete process is carried out in an automated manner.

Before the launch of Selenium IDE, codeless test automation was used to perform mundane tasks, but later it evolved to enable recording of the test cases and converting them to programming language.

Codeless automation is popularly used by all software development companies to solve the major challenges associated with older testing methods. Key reasons for using codeless test automation are:

· Improved production rate

· Increased speed, accuracy, consistency, and precision

· Reduced time-to-market

· Automating the mundane tasks

· Reduced manual errors

· Eliminating repetition

· Improved customer experience

· Develop flawlessly working software

· Minimal/ no code requirement

TestComplete is a popular choice among technical and non-technical users for offering a wide scope to build a flawless, robust testing solution. It offers high-quality testing solutions across all web and mobile applications; use your preferred language like JavaScript, Python, etc and automate the process.


· Both code and codeless test creation allowed

· AI and ML integrated for seamless performance

· Supports effortless integration of CI/CD tool

· Better known for continuous integration

· Supports testing of enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle EBS, and Salesforce

· Easy and efficient test management, issue tracking, and carrying out complete test cycle

· Supports all operating systems

Tenjin is popularly used for software testing by the banking and financial sector. Specifically built for testing the banking and financial software, Tenjin brings in an innovative approach to cover the functional and non-functional testing aspects of the organization’s core software system. The robotic UI engine of this unique test automation tool has the capability to handle testing of a wide range of applications including transactions, loan originations, workflows, analytics, etc.


· A codeless, auto adaptive, and agile test automation solution for banks and financial companies

· An innovative platform that offers client-specific services — choose Tenjin Enterprise for complex enterprise applications, Tenjin Digital for digital banking application with 3600 multi-platform coverage, and Tenjin Connect for API testing

· Tenjin offers Geo-based testing solutions

· The robotic-powered engine offers an efficient end-to-end testing solution with resilience, reliability, consistency, and speed

· Digital clients can expect effortless cross-platform testing with high coverage

· Intensive testing of functional, UI/UX, performance, compatibility, security, and network testing

· Agile testing for CI/CD tool integration

· Offers PSD2 open-banking ready solutions

LambdaTest is most suitable for handling live interactive and cross-browser testing. It is compatible with desktop, web and mobile applications and performs in your preferred language like Java, JavaScript, Python, etc. It reduces the testing time by nearly 50% as it works simultaneously to the development phase.


· Cross-browser test automation on more than 2k browsers and operating systems

· Allows integration with popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Travis, etc.

· Testing for Geo-Targeting, Geo-Blocking, and Geo-Localization across 27+ countries

· Allows automated screenshot testing with 25 combinations at a time

· Live interactive testing through VM hosted on LambdaTest cloud

The Selenium tool and other automation tools mark the start of a new era in software testing, the future will see more advanced integration to these tools with features of AI and ML. Though AI and ML are already making their way in the testing process, it is still at a nascent stage. Future will witness advanced integrations in the test automation solutions.



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Kavitha Rajagopal

Test Automation Evangelist | Overcoming Software Testing Challenges | Tenjin Online | Codeless Test Automation