Reducing skill dependency with codeless test automation

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 had a huge impact on global trade and the world witnessed a major economic slump like never seen before. Restriction of people not just across national and international boundaries, but also across their own streets accelerated the need for digital transformation for offering uninterrupted services and adding convenience to people’s lives. With the immense pressure among organizations across the globe to adapt to digitization and capture the untapped digital market, they had to find a solution to scale up the teams’ productivity with the limited resources available.

As the pressure of limited resources prevailed, organizations had to find a solution to address the issue and strategize a plan to deliver quality at speed, to sustain in the highly competitive world. Codeless test automation came as a solution to eliminate the skill gaps that were rising and offered a quick and efficient solution to meet the requirements. Let us understand more on codeless test automation and how it helped organizations to address the bottlenecks associated with issues of limited resources.

How codeless automation is diminishing the skill gaps?

The rate at which software applications are being developed and released in the market is unrealistic. The need for testing is inevitable to check if the software is performing as expected. With the ever-changing customer behavior, testers should be able to perform testing with a user-centric approach. Considering the huge amount of software being developed, manually testing the entire application by scripting or coding become tedious and time-consuming. Hence, test automation is the solution to save time and cost yet achieve the desired efficiency and accuracy.

The only skill required to use the codeless test automation is to understand your application. Unlike Selenium, Appium, or another traditional testing, you don’t need to have programming skills to carry out the execution. Hence, codeless test automation reduces the skill dependency in the entire testing process.

All you need is to set up the process, and test execution is carried out in the most seamless manner. It adapts to the process framework, tests code, scales up when required, identifies bugs, efficiently manages tests and defects, and generates an extensive report for further analysis. Hence, codeless test automation has revolutionized the software testing sector by offering exceptional results while reducing the dependency on skills.

How codeless test automation is accelerating digital businesses

According to a new report, about 87% of companies have expressed their concerns of skill gaps which is growing year by year. To address this issue and reduce the gap, codeless test automation is introduced. Codeless test automation improves the quality, reduces skill dependency, provides optimal results and has proven to be most beneficial in driving business growth.

Digital transformation is the need of the time and companies have to adapt to this new trend of digitalization to sustain in the market. Digital growth is a necessity than being a mere luxury and organizations are implementing various techniques to crack the code of delivering quality digital solutions at speed. Codeless test automation is the best solution known today to improve the quality, the future may withhold more advanced solutions like AL and ML that may further revolutionize the process.


The modern developmental processes need modern solutions. To address quality challenges of the rapidly digitizing world, codeless automation is the solution. It is the simplest and easiest way to perform test execution as it works with minimal/no human intervention, doesn’t require coding knowledge, continuously monitors the activities, and generates extensive reports. It speeds up the development process and ensure quicker delivery with reduced turnaround time.



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Kavitha Rajagopal

Test Automation Evangelist | Overcoming Software Testing Challenges | Tenjin Online | Codeless Test Automation